Detection of maternal colonisation with Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy by vaginal volatile organic compound analysis. – Dr Lauren Lacey, Coventry

Analysis of the endometrium to understand mechanisms of reproductive failure.- Prof Jan Brosens, Coventry

A Pilot Study into endometrial microbiome sampling and contamination.- Prof Siobhan Quenby, Coventry

The phenotype and function of endometrial immune cells in recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). – Dr Ingrid Granne, Oxford

Mechanisms of Labour.- Dr Andrew Blanks, Coventry

Chronic endometritis and recurrent miscarriage- the underlying mechanisms. Mechanistic work associated with the CERM Trial.- Dr Katherine Fishwick, Coventry

The chronic endometritis and recurrent miscarriage (CERM) trial – Microbiota Analysis.-Dr Joshua Odendaal, Coventry

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