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About Us


Tommy’s National Reproductive Health Biobank is the first of its kind to help collect biological samples from pregnant and non-pregnant women and their babies, across six centres in the UK.


This biobank aims to provide researchers with access to a very large resource of human tissue and data that are vital in helping us to find new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent pregnancy complications, and to identify causes of poor pregnancy outcomes, by understanding key events that determine successful outcome of pregnancy. The biobank will bring together a high level of expertise and facilitate collaboration, both nationally and internationally. 


The biobank has approval from Wales Research Ethics Committee to consent donors for this project. The donors are consented at the four Tommy’s funded research centres, which all hold HTA licences:

The biobank will collect material of high quality which has processed in line with standardised operating procedures. We help the research community to raise the standard of reproductive research and facilitate the coordinated translation of scientific findings into the clinical setting.

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