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Tommy’s Biobank Database


(Currently under development)

The Tommy’s biobank database aims to:

  1. To facilitate data linkage between the samples and multiple disparate research and NHS databases containing couple’s clinical history, future pregnancy outcomes, neonatal and infant outcomes.
  2. The development of a searchable database of samples and metadata, these will be linked with Tommy’s Net. Tommy’s Net is the existing data linkage system created for the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research that can be expanded to include the data from the other centres.
  3. Linkage to national datasets such as Hospital Episode Statistics and Office for National Statistics.
  4. Linking to the UKCRC tissue directory


Our database will provide up-to-date information on the number of samples available for research.
The biobank will hold minimal clinical data which makes our collection invaluable. 

Participant information is protected under the General Data Protection Act 2018. NHS Trusts and academic institutions have a legal duty to keep patient information confidential, secure and hold information only as long as necessary.

UKCRC tissue directory

For further information please contact us by email.


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