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Tommy’s Biobank Database


The Tommy’s National Reproductive Health Biobank has a bespoke sample management system where clinical and meta data is recorded.

The database holds minimal clinical data; however feasibility of collecting additional data for studies can be assessed, if required. Samples as well as data can be requested at the time of application.



Tommy’s Tracker Software

The Tommy’s Tissue Tracker Software connects the individual TCC sample management systems, allowing flexible queries on samples, which is run centrally and supports a central sample inquiry and request procedure. This software links to existing lab management systems located at each site through their application programming interface (API) which allows nightly requests of common data elements which are mapped to unique biobank codes.  The software can also accommodate systems that do not have an API by enabling the upload of Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files. The database allows users to search the database for the number of samples available with a particular phenotype at each site and allows them to request those samples. All sites are party to a Data Sharing Agreement and are GDPR compliant.


    The Tommy’s Tissue Tracker Software is hosted by the Institute of Digital Healthcare based at the University of Warwick 


    The Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) is a partnership between the NHS, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Warwick Medical School. The IDH works closely with the NHS and a range of experts which help to analyse health related issues and provide innovative digital solutions. The Tommy’s Biobank is proud to be working with the Institute of Digital Health at Warwick University, which hosts the Tommy’s Tissue Tracking database.





    The Tommy’s Biobank is listed on…


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    • Tissue Solutions, which help source human tissue samples for industry and ensure ethical compliance.
    • Biosample Hub the first not-for-profit online platform that allows biospecimen providers in the public sector to meet and connect with requesters from biotech and pharma companies.
    • biobank directory to increase our biobanks visibility globally.